Begiradak is an AMATEUR film festival. Professional groups from the audiovisual sector, film schools, universities, etc. cannot participate.

All groups, primary schools, secondary/high schools, associations, etc. from national or international locations can participate.

Works may be submitted in any language but must be subtitled in Spanish or English.

The maximum duration for the works is fifteen minutes.

You can submit as many works as you want as long as they were not completed before 2016.

The organization reserves the right to select the works that will participate in the Festival.

The original recordings must have a minimum image and audio quality so that they can be understood. Works that do not meet this requirement will be excluded.


REGISTRATION can be done two ways:

1- Through the platform Festhome.

2- Through the registration form that is available on the Festival’s website.

* In case of registration through the Festival’s website, the work must be uploaded to Vimeo privately, and the link and password must be attached to the page so that the Festival has access to the material.

The mandatory formats for the presenting works is: .MPGE2 .MPEG4 .MOV .AVI

Along with the data required on the registration form, two frames of the work must be attached in jpg. or png. format.

The submission period is from March 15th to October 15th, 2018.

Registration form