The purpose of the program

Las Otras Miradas Festival
  • An introduction to cinema as art in and of itself, proposing it as a didactic and educational media for the students.
  • To bring cinematic language to the students, enhancing the critical and selective eye when faced with the avalanche of images they are exposed to.
  • To watch films of recognized cinematographic quality and offer the students intelligent, investigative cinema.
  • To know and explore the technical resources of cinema.
  • To bring cinematographic art and its inherent values to the YOUTH: teamwork, perseverance, the ability to wait, respect, imagination, and sensitivity.

Tools for achieving our goals

  • Cinema as art. The transmission of art and its creative process.
  • Making cinema an educational tool. Quality cinema that teaches visual perception towards the well done.
  • Artistic language that combines the creative and technical aspects of working in a team and a collaborative network.
  • Practicing and promoting reflective thinking among young people through philosophical group dialogue.
  • Carrying out the cinematographic experience as well as the staging and technical teamwork based on the conclusions reached in the group.
  • Carrying out an exercise of observation and dialogue with the practical artistic experience as its own creative process.
  • Question and discuss the forms and ways we have assumed behavior and treatment.